Elderberry is a hardy native plant. They are easy to grow in full sun and pollinators love the large flower clusters. Plant bushes 3-6’ apart and keep moist while establishing. Young plants benefit from a weed free area, compost and mulch. More than one variety is recommended for cross pollination and better fruit set. Elderberries and elder flowers are used to make pie, jam, syrup, juice, and wine.

Early ripening, sweeter than most, somewhat self-fruitful, tallest, and excellent yield

Bob Gordon
Large berries that are sweeter than other varieties, wine makers like it for higher brix (sugar level), berry clusters are inverted (bird protection), and best producer

Shorter and not as bushy (excellent for shorter pickers and smaller yards), hardy and more tolerant of harsh conditions (poor or less fertile soil)

Last to ripen fruit, high yield of huge flower clusters/ bunches of fruit, and vigorous producer

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